SINCERITY - Believe In What You Write
8 Steps of Storytelling, Unfolding The Secrets of The Writer’s Octagon.

Step 1: Substance

Step 3: SINCERITY – Believe In What You Write

Whatever you write – be it fiction, non-fiction, technical or business, ensure you believe in whatever it is you are writing about. Confucious once said, “ wheresoever you shall go, go with all your heart”, and so must you when you write. Go with your heart. The passion and the sincerity will come shining through and this is what engages the reader.

People are not going to buy a product from a salesman who does not believe in what he is selling and neither will they believe in your words if they cannot glean a genuine sincerity about the message in your topic. Without this sincerity and belief – the passion – the article is just sentences being strung together with good structure.

You get this sincerity by a process called immersion.

It’s exactly what actors do when they get a role to play. They become the character. And so you must become the champion of the topic when you write for it. Feel it, understand it, become it and then sell it through your words like its the sale that will make or break you.

Your article will then start having a life of its own – and it will connect well with your audience.

Even if you do not believe in the topic, but are given the topic to write anyway, put yourself in the shoes of the person who wants to convey the message and ask yourself how will you want people to respond when they read the article and write accordingly.

The end justifies the means, and you want the end results to be an impressed, engaged audience.

You have understood Substance, Structure & Sincerity – now let’s add Simplicity to the equation.

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