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Content Creation
Our team members are versatile enough to go from technical to lifestyle to corporate to government and churn out consistent and intelligent content creation ahead of time for sustained production. We write masterpieces that sell and move readers, technical reports that make sense, and interviews that rock.
Branding Campaigns
We have branded many entities subtlety and not so subtlety over the years. There have been government entities that have wanted a corporate look. There have been giant corporations that needed to look more sophisticated. We have worked with clients to understand their wish list, and planned out a multitude of action plans to execute accordingly to achieve said target. We can take you from Brand Differentiation, to Brand positioning, to Brand architecture and finally Brand Execution
Forums / Conferences
We have worked as a collaborative partner to nitride the right people to one another in small to large groups. We have put together potential business partnerships through one to one connections. We have helped foreign companies meet local government on possible collaborations.
International Business Review
2019 International Business Review becomes a Trade Journal Multiverse. For 15 years, International Business Review has been a business magazine that has covered options of thought leaders in both government. corporate and the diplomatic realm in a broad perspective.

In 2019, we take a step towards becoming "A voice for the trade" specifically.
Business Coaching
IBR Life Hacks bring a set of tools to senior management and any one who aspires to senior management roles. Coaching that gives you perspectives and tricks to hack life and become a game changer. Curated by professional trainers with over 80 years of combined experience from being senior management in GLCs and MNCs, IBR Life Hacks promise to be an engaging, thought provoking and inspirational experience that makes a difference.
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