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Launched by the Selangor State government in 2016, the Smart Selangor initiative aims to transform Selangor into ASEAN’s Premier Smart State by the year 2025. The task of overseeing and executing the masterplan was entrusted to Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI Selangor) – the Selangor State agency tasked with administering the State’s assets and investments.

MBI Selangor realised that the success of the Smart Selangor initiative depended on the plan receiving the buy-in from various stakeholders comprising corporations, other Selangor and Federal government agencies, and foreign investors.

As we have vast experience in working with corporations, government Ministries and Agencies, as well as Embassies in Malaysia, MBI Selangor commissioned us to devise a publicity strategy for Smart Selangor.


Working closely with key decision makers at MBI Selangor, we will came up with a comprehensive 360 degree plan to boost awareness and support for Smart Selangor. The result was a 3-year campaign which encompassed and integrated on-the-ground, offline and online platforms.


A. Selangor Synergies

The most important thing for MBI Selangor was to ensure that the right people understand and support the Smart Selangor initiative. We decided that the most effective way of doing that was to reach out directly to the target demographics through face-to-face interaction.

Thus, we conceptualised and executed the Selangor Synergies series of business forums. Comprising 7 in total, each forum focused on a theme that is related to the Smart Selangor masterplan. An industry thought leader on the theme gave the keynote address, while a panel made up of a senior representative from MBI Selangor (or its subsidiaries) and industry experts discussed topics related to the theme. (Please refer to Appendix A for the list of themes, speakers and panellists for the Selangor Synergies Forums)

We were responsible for the entire pre-event and during event set up and management, from speakers and panellists requisition, to speech writing, to guests’ invitations.


B. Selangor. Regional Powerhouse

The successful response to the Selangor Synergies Forums and the momentum gathered from them drove us to conceptualise, execute and manage a larger and grander forum – Selangor. Regional Powerhouse, which aimed to take the Smart Selangor message to a larger, more regional audience.

Whereas each Selangor Synergies Forum was focused on a specific aspect of the Smart Selangor initiative, Selangor. Regional Powerhouse showcased a more macroscopic view of Smart Selangor and how it is driving Selangor to be a leader in Malaysia and the region.

The Selangor. Regional Powerhouse forum was held in July 2019. Just as with the Selangor Synergies Forums, We were responsible for the entire pre-event and during event set up and management, from speakers and panellists requisition, to speech writing, to guests’ invitations.

In order to ensure that the messages discussed in the forums reached the right people, we also worked with MBI Selangor to carefully select and invite key decision makers from KL and Selangor based organisations associated with the theme. On average, 100 C-level personnel attended each Selangor Synergies forum


C. Media Coverage of Selangor Synergies Forums and Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum

As we are the owner and publisher of International Business Review – a leading business-to-business publication, we were able to offer guaranteed media coverage of the Selangor Synergies Forums and Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum inside the magazine.

Each Selangor Synergies Forum was featured in 4 to 6 pages various issues International Business Review, while The Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum was featured in 14 pages of International Business Review with the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Datuk Amirudin Shari on the cover.

In addition, we produced pre-event and post-event press releases of both the Selangor Synergies Forums and the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum, which we disseminated to other media houses in Malaysia. This is in addition to inviting members of the media to attend and cover the Forums, and arranging for media interviews for panellists and speakers.


D. Creating the Smart Selangor Roadmap – Print and Digital

Following the success of the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum, we presented a plan to produce a Roadmap for the Smart Selangor initiative. This plan was agreed to by MBI Selangor.

We handled the entire A to Z of the production of the Roadmap. It comprises a comprehensive review and analysis of the Smart Selangor master plan, which encompasses five enablers – Smart Government, Smart Infrastructure, K-Economy, Smart People, and Smart Environment.

These five enablers are further divided into 12 Smart Domains namely – Smart Safety and Security, Smart Education, Smart Disaster Management, Smart Social Support, Smart Healthcare & Well-Being, Smart Waste Management, Smart Water Management, Smart Governance, Smart Transport and Mobility, Smart Food and Agro, Smart Digital Infrastructure, and Smart Energy and Buildings.

In addition, we also conducted interviews with key stakeholders of Smart Selangor such as the Menteri Besar of Selangor, the Senior State Executive Councillor, the CEO of MBI Selangor, and the Managing Director of the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit for their insights. These were included in the Roadmap.

The Smart Selangor initiative received wider publicity as International Business Review is couriered to 30,000 readers comprising top decision makers in corporations, government and embassies in Malaysia.

The Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum received pre and post event coverage in:

  • The Star
  • Berita Harian
  • Selangorkini
  • Nanyang Siang Pau
  • Bernama
  • The Sun
  • Malaysian Reserve

The Smart Selangor Roadmap was launched at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2019. This ensured that the goals of the Smart Selangor initiative reached a wider, international audience.

MBI Selangor now has a permanent and tangible record of their achievements in transforming Selangor into ASEAN’s premier Smart State.


E. Production and Uploading of Videos on Social Media Platforms

We helped further awareness and publicity for the Smart Selangor initiative by videographing, editing and uploading recordings of the Selangor Synergies Forums and the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum, as well as the interviews for the Roadmap on our own YouTube channel – IBR TV. In addition, these videos were also given to MBI Selangor to put on their own social media platforms.


  • Our successful execution of Selangor Synergies Forums and Selangor. Regional Powerhouse Forum resulted in the following:
  • Increased exposure and awareness of the Smart Selangor initiatives.
  • Created networking opportunities for the Selangor State government, MBI Selangor, forums panellists, and guests.
  • Sparked discussions between CVS KL and Selgate Healthcare – a Selangor State government linked healthcare company – on a possible collaboration.
  • Spurred collaboration between Westports Malaysia and MBI Selangor subsidiary Landasan Lumayan for the former to support Landasan Lumayan’s campaign to clean, rehabilitate and develop the Klang River under the Selangor Maritime Gateway plan.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between MBI Selangor and Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) witnessed by the Menteri Besar of Selangor and the Minister of Transport Malaysia.
  • Nokia Malaysia presented a proposal to help the Selangor State government enhance wireless connectivity throughout the State as a result of its Managing Director being a panellist at Selangor. Regional Powerhouse
  • Finland-based IoT innovation company UROS expressed interest in partnering with MBI Selangor in achieving the Smart Selangor plan as a result of its South Asia and Middle East Managing Director being a panellist at Selangor. Regional Powerhouse.
  • we ensured that MBI Selangor’s achievements in the execution of the Smart Selangor initiative reaches a wider audience namely:
    1. Average of 5,500 monthly visitors on the MBI Selangor and our own website.
    2. Average of 9,000 visitors/followers on our Facebook pages
  • Increased awareness, good will and interest in the Smart Selangor initiative among key corporate decision makers in Selangor
  • Increased awareness, appreciation and take-up of initiatives under Smart Selangor such as the Smart Selangor Parking, the Smart Selangor Bus and WiFi Smart Selangor free WiFi plan.
  • Enhanced relationships between MBI Selangor and industries in Selangor which has resulted in collaboration discussions
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