As Malaysia’s largest, and one of the region’s leading, banks, Malayan Banking (Maybank) has gained a deserved reputation for offering top-notch financial products and services. Having already established its brand in that regard, the Bank wanted to take a step up and be positioned as a lifestyle curator for its high-net worth private banking customers. All this in effort to showcase that it is giving more to its stakeholders.


Thanks to The IBR Asia Group’s experience in creating high-end lifestyle platforms, Maybank commissioned us to conceptualise a solution. And the result was Infinium – a dedicated publication that combined investment advice and financial insights with the very best of fine dining, shopping, travel and hospitality. Just as its name implies, Infinium evoked the infinite possibilities available to Maybank’s private banking clientele.


Through the production and publication of Infinium, we gave Maybank an avenue through which it was able to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the lives and financial status of their clients beyond what it is expected to do. This helped increase good will as well as enhance customer retention and acquisition.

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