Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad


As Malaysia’s premier airport operator and manager, and one of the largest in the region, Malaysia Airports (MAHB) is responsible for overseeing 39 airports across the country – inclusive of 5 international ones including KL International Airport – and 1 in Istanbul, Turkey. More than just being seen as mere terminals, MAHB sought to position their airports as lifestyle destinations in their own right while enhancing appreciation and understanding of the impact that the organisation has played in transforming Malaysia into a regional aviation hub.


Having met with and discussed their pain points, The IBR Asia Group came up with a sustained branding programme for MAHB in the form of a dedicated publication for them – Convergence. Published bi-monthly, Convergence featured the very best of shopping, dining and services at KLIA and MAHB’s other airports, as well as in-depth behind the scenes stories and interviews with the people who make KLIA one of the best airports in the world. Aside from that, the magazine also showcased business and travel lifestyle from Malaysia and around the world.

In addition, for MAHB’s 25th anniversary, we also produced a coffee table book – Our Story – which traces the history and captured the joyful experiences and milestone moments in a beautifully written and designed testament.


Convergence was made available at all the airports in the country managed by Malaysia Airports, and it served as a handy guide to the very best that the airports, Malaysia and the world has to offer. This helped increase traffic into retail and F&B outlets at the airports, especially KLIA. At the same time, it also served as a must-have companion for travellers who were either coming to or leaving Malaysia. This enhanced appreciation for MAHB and the airports, which was amplified by the production of Our Story.

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