Landasan Lumayan


The Klang River is one of the major waterways in Selangor and was the main focal point for the development of most of the State’s key towns and cities as well as Malaysia’s national capital Kuala Lumpur. However, decades of neglect had left the river heavily polluted with solid and liquid waste that has negatively impacted its potential.

As such, the Selangor Government came up with the Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) initiative to clean, rehabilitate and develop the Klang River, with Landasan Lumayan Sdn Bhd (LLSB) appointed as the driver of the project. LLSB has already executed phase 1 of this project, which is to clean the river of floating waste, and they are in the process of phase 2: improving the quality of water.

The issue that LLSB faced is to shift perceptions of the Klang River since it has been under negative light for years. These negative opinions make it difficult for LLSB to encourage investments into SMG, which is needed to execute the massive scope of this project.


The IBR Asia Group developed The CoreText, which crafts a series of targeted articles sent to over 5,000 Government and industry leaders, both local and foreign, to highlight the fact that LLSB is already on the way to transform the Klang River into a valuable asset for the State.

The content that The IBR Asia Group is crafting highlights the different aspects of the SMG project. These articles and videos are short but impactful. Every article is carefully crafted to shift current perceptions about the Klang River, help raise awareness of the SMG project, and get the readers excited about the future of this project.


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