KDEB Waste Management


As the appointed provider of solid waste collection and public cleansing services in Selangor, KDEB Waste Management is responsible for waste disposal and public sanitation in 11 out of 12 local councils in the State.

More than just being seen as a waste disposal organisation, KDEB Waste Management is seeking to be recognised as a key utilities provider and a significant player in recycling and waste-to-energy, all of which tie back to Selangor’s goal to become ASEAN’s Premier Smart State.

As such, they reached out to The IBR Asia Group to come up with a comprehensive publicity plan that will allow KDEB Waste Management to reach out to potential partners locally and abroad, as well as generate awareness and positive sentiments of their achievements.


We produced a cover story in International Business Review in which we featured an interview with the KDEB Waste Management Managing Director.

In addition, we will be producing a series of weekly articles and videos to showcase KDEB Waste Management’s success and progress in introducing innovative waste management services in Selangor and the importance of the organisation as a utility provider.


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