The Energy Commission of Malaysia


As the energy sector regulator of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, the Energy Commission (ST) wanted to keep energy industry players and potential investors in Malaysia informed of their efforts to bring about a world-class energy sector in Malaysia. This is in order to get the buy-in of the industries to the various regulations and initiatives introduced by ST, as well as boost confidence of foreign investors in Malaysia’s energy infrastructure.


The IBR Asia Group decided to come up with Energy Malaysia, a quarterly publication that serves as a platform through which ST could send their message out to their target audience. Energy Malaysia features in-depth feature articles focused on energy related themes such as energy efficiency, energy security, renewable energy, the gas sector, and the liberalisation of the Malaysian energy market.


Thanks to Energy Malaysia, ST has been able to increase their visibility among energy sector players in the country while strengthening appreciation and understanding of the role they play in bringing about a world-class energy industry in Malaysia.

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