Rina Harun
Power Women | YB Datuk Rina Harun, Minister of Rural and Regional Development 

Blazing their way to the top, some women have constantly shown their grit and determination to be among the best of the best in their field. Never settling for the status quo, they have ventured where few women have. By proving their mettle through actions and not words alone, they show that women can handle the fast-paced corporate and political environment just as men can.

YB Datuk Rina Harun has been active in the political scene since 2002. Taking on the reins as the Minister of Rural and Regional Development, the Ministry has allocated 20 million under Harapan Entrepreneurship Realisation Strategy (HERS) Fund to boost participation of more women in rural areas to become entrepreneurs. Voicing her favour of more female entrepreneurs, the programme is aimed at getting more of them to participate. The biggest challenge moving forward is to prevent further rural urban migration, which Datuk Rina has been tackling head-on through strategies to empower rural folks towards a more sustainable future. And for this reason, YB Datuk Rina Harun deserves a spot in our “Power Women” series for her exceptional work in providing a platform for women to contribute to the nation’s economy.

Uplifting Rural Communities 

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