Malaysia as a greenhouse for Malaysian Finnish Partnerships

“During the three years that I have been stationed in Malaysia, many of the Finnish businesses operating here have shared positive feedback with me. I believe this is because of the many benefits of setting up a company in Malaysia. For many companies who wish to break into the Southeast Asian market, Malaysia is the hub that can be the gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia. On top of that, the operational costs are lower, it is easy to set up a company here, and there is excellent ease of doing business. Currently, about 40 to 50 Finnish companies are operating in Malaysia with about 3 of them listed in the top 50 Helsinki Stock Exchange. These companies are Kone, Nokia and Pöyry.

We hope to foster a strong relationship between our countries so that we can grow together.”

These businesses operate in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing building materials, technology consultation, and education. Currently, the embassy works with these companies to give them an idea of the local market, regulations, and future prospects. We would like to encourage more Fins to bring their businesses here.

While there are a handful of Malaysians living in Finland, there are no Malaysian companies doing business in Malaysia at the moment. We are discussing with the Ministry of Education about the possibility of implementing twinning courses for Finnish education to local universities. We would also encourage local students to study in Finland to help them connect with each other. Finland has some of the best-ranked universities in the world, and I don’t believe it would be difficult for Malaysians to adapt there as English is one of our three official languages.”

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