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The IBR Asia Group with our regional media and our 20 years of experience in storytelling, looks forward to partnering with you to be your storyteller.
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Being a part of International Business Review also gives you the opportunity to be featured on our
digital news platform VOICE OF ASEAN and our digital TV talkshow Regional Powerhouses. 
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The first Pan-ASEAN business news and networking platform, VOICE OF ASEAN has the finger on the pulse of the movers and shakers, thought leaders and key decision makers of Southeast Asia.

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Our very own Digital TV talk show showcases interviews with corporate and government decision-makers as well as influencers both in ASEAN and beyond. 

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Our multimedia Newsletter has a reach of over 14,200 top corporate, government and diplomatic decision-makers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as over 600 media houses internationally.

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