Influencers: WESTPORTS MALAYSIA Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam, Chairman

In 1994, no one wanted to be associated with a barren swampy island in the region of Klang but Tan Sri Datuk G.Gnanalingam had a vision of his own. He turned the swampy mess into Westports and today, the company has transformed into the leading container terminal operator at Port Klang. Under the leadership of Datuk Gnanalingam, Westports is now one of the top 15 terminals in the world.

Tan Sri Gnanalingam has always put this country first. As such, all the staff at Westports are employed from the local scene. Tan Sri Gnanalingam has also been determined to position Westports to represent Malaysia on a global scale.His success in doing so care about when Westports moved to Port Klang’s world ranking in container volume from 26th position in 1995 to a 13th in 2011.With a knack for turning barren plot of land into a global hub of connectivity and opportunity, Datuk Gnanalingam is indeed an industry influencer in every sense of the word.

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