Great Storytelling Never Dies… It just evolves

Everything in life is a masterful storytelling process. It’s intrinsic to human development. From the beginning of time, as we huddled under the stars and in our caves, and created meaning for the vast universe we live in through forms and shapes that we could connect with, we were born storytellers. We told stories through our battles, our civilisations, our languages, our books, our sciences, our religions, our industries, our governments… we sold and are still selling ideas and concepts through stories.

The rainbow of human life, throughout history, is weaved with stories that colour our evolution.

We went from literal writings on the wall, to smoke signals, to birds that carry our messages, to parchments , to books, to computers, and over the last decade, social media, where we dictate our own stories everyday to the rest of the world .

But here is what is sweet.

Digitalisation has not changed anything when it comes to the core of content creation services. The platforms may have changed – from offline to online – but good storytelling and writing services come from the brain and talent of the human soul.

One can keep changing platforms over the next decade – perhaps social media may be replaced by hologramic interstellar communications one day – but creativity to fill that new platform will always be needed.

Think of platforms as vehicles that get you from A to Z. And people as content creation services. Vehicles go nowhere without people. They remain stationary, no matter how high tech they are. You can manufacture vehicles en masse, and they could become flying cars or space shuttles that zip through the universe but it will remain stationary – needing people to drive and direct them. Likewise, content creation services can never die, driving platforms, no matter how evolved these platforms get. It is the only constant in a constantly changing world.

From Six Degrees in 2000, to Linked In in 2002, to Facebook in 2004 to Twitter in 2006 to Instagram in 2010 and to the thousands of social media platforms , the world of communications has undergone a massive transformation. It has become virtual, no more writings on cave walls, no smoke signals and books are undergoing an actual Fahrenheit 451.

But, great storytelling will never die, it just transcends from one avatar to another. And that is very much a good thing for the thinkers and creative souls within this wonderful tapestry of living souls, memories and legacies we call humanity.

Are you wondering how you can get your story told? Do you get that stifling feeling in your chest about a story untold? Stay Tuned for our next article on the 8’s of writing – to learn how you can weave your own tale, or reach us at 03-77325886 or, and let us tell your story for you.

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