Meet Our CEO and Director, Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala

The founder, Director and CEO of The IBR Asia Group, Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala has led the company through many milestones since its inception in 1997, driven by a passion for delivering the best to clients, a zeal for inspiring her team to give their utmost, and with a can-do, never-say-die attitude.

Tackling Challenges

In under 20 years, she steered The IBR Asia Group into becoming a niche media player in Malaysia. The company gained renown for its proprietary business publication International Business Review, as well as producing bespoke publications for leading organisations in Malaysia.

However, the biggest challenge was just around the corner. The advent of digitalisation put tremendous pressure on the world of print media. Thus, Dato’ Beatrice made a decision which transformed The IBR Asia Group and secured its long-term future.

“The problem was that people saw us as just a producer of books, magazines and other periodicals. What we wanted to show them is that publishing is just a medium, and that ultimately our core business is communications,” she explains.

For Dato’ Beatrice, the core of effective communications is in content-creation. “I’ve always said that everything the world does is a story the world tries to sell. And that’s what we are, story-tellers who can get our clients’ message in the most engaging and effective manner to their target audience.”


Transforming Identity

By giving clients a platform to tell their message, and also creating that message for them, The IBR Asia Group has remained as relevant as ever. Dato’ Beatrice takes particular pride in the fact that International Business Review continues to be a significant player in the market.
Aside from traditional print media, The IBR Asia Group has also expanded its profile of services to encompass digital marketing, electronic direct mailing, social media management, events management, and corporate training among others.
Drawing on its vast experience working with a multitude of businesses and government agencies, and tapping into a database of top corporate and government decision makers from the Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Middle East and Europe, The IBR Asia Group has become an Integrated Communications Hub.

As Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala puts it. “We are your partners in branding, PR, communications, marketing and workforce development. The master story-tellers who will create content for you. The platform owners who will disseminate your message to your stakeholders. The trouble shooters who will take charge when crises occur.”

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