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World class organisations need world class peoples. Companies have a pool of talent that is waiting to unleash. The problem lies in finding the right formula to shape that talent. How to communicate your corporate culture and objectives in a way that don’t restrict personal growth? Well, everything starts with good management. And that is where we come in.

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We are a leader in content creation, media and publishing for over 25 years. So, we know what we are doing. Our first-hand and truly tailored training platform provides participants with maximum exposure to the real and exciting corporate world.

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Held at the University Malaya (UM) and the National University of Malaysia (UKM), this course was designed to prepare young and aspiring students for the corporate world that awaits them. Assimilating into the workforce is as daunting as it is exciting, and during a time when the approach to tertiary education is still very much confined to theory, The IBR Asia Group, then known as AMG Holdings, takes a no-nonsense approach to training, with an emphasis on appearances, confidence, perception, skill and communications. It was an all-encompassing course that seeks to inspire positivity, through enhancement of self-confidence and skillset that will enable them to meet expectations of the employer to secure a promising career prospect in their respective organisations.

The training was held with a class of 75 participants over the course of 5 days (a total of 40 training hours).

Training includes: Grooming tips, Writing Assignments, Presentation and Interview Skills

Good leadership inspires positivity, action and results. With the aim to enhance and develop human capital for companies in Malaysia, the AMG Leadership and Management programme sought to empower employees with the right attributes to lead and manage. This programme was aimed for corporates who wish to increase the capability of their selected employees to ensure mutual growth and maximum value for both company and staff. It emphasised on personal and professional enhancement through effective communications, organisational skills as well as control strategies. This would improve overall workplace productivity and effectiveness to support innovation and enterprise in an organisation.

The training was held for 12 days over 14 sessions (6 modules + 8 days refresher sessions)

Training included: Bringing out Your Personal Best at Work, Problem Solving and Decision-Making, Positive Communication, Embracing Change and Tranformational Leadership

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