Case Study



About The Client

Siemens is the world’s leading technology solutions provider that strives to transform and revolutionise industrial sectors across economies. The company expanded to the Malaysian market circa 1908. Specialising in innovation and technology, Siemens Malaysia continues to serve various economic sectors of the country, specialising in intelligent infrastructure, automation, medical technology and more.


As a multinational company, Siemens Malaysia sought to enhance its profile among corporate and government Malaysia, as well as bring focus to the cutting-edge solutions that it has to offer, and how they have benefitted enterprises and the nation as a whole.

Why The IBR Asia Group

The IBR Asia Group has an impressive track record in connecting the public and private sectors of Malaysia through our long-standing experience in working with hundreds of organisations in the country and the region. We possess the platforms to help expand Siemen Malaysia’s reach to the business community and as such, has worked with the company in various capacities to help them achieve its objectives.

What We Did and how we did it

Featured Siemens Malaysia on the covers of 3 editions of International Business Review which is our proprietary business publication, where we profiled the company and its CEO
Produced a regular feature on Siemens Malaysia in International Business Review highlighting the company as a leader in technology and innovation
Positioned Siemens’s Chief Technical Officer & Head of Engineering for ASEAN as a thought leader by securing him as a panellist for the Smart Cities for Sustainable Living session at the Selangor Regional Powerhouse conference, alongside other influential figures in Selangor’s business landscape
Successfully secured the former CEO of Siemens Malaysia and present President Director and CEO of PT Siemens in Indonesia as the keynote speaker at the Second Selangor Synergies Forum which focuses on emerging technologies in Selangor.
Panel Session: Creating New Value with Old Assets
Roundtable Discussion: Maximising Value and Yield of State-Owned Assets


Siemens Malaysia’s success stories was disseminated to 30,000 top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision makers in Malaysia via our proprietary publication International Business Review

Position the top management of Siemens Malaysia and its parent company, Siemens as the leading engineering technology company in Malaysia

Provided a platform for Siemens to connect and network with top industry experts during the Selangor Regional Powerhouse Conference and Selangor Synergies Forum, which are events that fostered high-level discussions pertaining sustainability, smart technologies and connectivity in Selangor

Helped expand reach to top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia through coverage in International Business Review

Enhanced appreciation for Germany by showcasing its achievements and goodwill

Provided a platform for networking as the International Business Review ASEAN Awards was attended by prominent figures from corporations, Ministries, government agencies and embassies in Malaysia