Case Study

SAP Malaysia


About The Client

SAP Software and Solutions (SAP), is the largest enterprise software company offering innovative solutions for a wide range of business needs across various sectors. With over 40 years of experience and more than 25 industry solutions, SAP which was founded in Germany expanded in Malaysia in 1992 and has since grown to be a major player in the enterprise solutions software market in the country.


Responsible for developing standard application software for real-time business processing for large enterprises and SMEs, SAP Malaysia looked to further extend its footprint in the large enterprise market, public sector, logistic industry and financial institutions, and extend solutions for Islamic Banking to other countries. In line with the company’s vision, SAP aims to amplify its presence and become an effective partner for corporations of all shapes and sizes.

Why The IBR Asia Group

Given our expertise in storytelling and experience in working with large and medium-sized organisations, The IBR Asia Group was commissioned to help SAP amplify its presence within the business community and to showcase SAP’s comprehensive solutions – in an effort to help the organisation to achieve its desired objectives.

What We Did and how we did it

Produced a 12-page cover story on the history and founding of SAP, and how its comprehensive solutions that have helped and continue to help inject flexibility into processes and build effective management of business infrastructure. This also included highlights of its achievements in Malaysia and the placing of SAP Malaysia then Country Manager Anne Abraham on the cover of International Business Review.
Organised a series of industries forums where we invited industry leaders to talk on certain challenges facing their industries, while a subject matter expert from SAP Malaysia spoke on the solutions SAP has that will help them address those concerns.
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Panel Session: Creating New Value with Old Assets
Roundtable Discussion: Maximising Value and Yield of State-Owned Assets


The story of SAP Malaysia and its achievements was disseminated to 30,000 top government, corporate and diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia via our proprietary magazine, Technology Business Review.

Helped expand reach to top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia through coverage in International Business Review

Enhanced appreciation for Germany by showcasing its achievements and goodwill

Provided a platform for networking as the International Business Review ASEAN Awards was attended by prominent figures from corporations, Ministries, government agencies and embassies in Malaysia