Case Study

Ministry Of Energy And Natural Resources


About The Client

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) is responsible for enhancing Malaysia’s energy infrastructure and stewardship of natural resources through developing and enforcing policies and regulations, with its core focus areas being energy, land, minerals and geoscience, forests, biodiversity, geospatial and ecotourism.


Being at the forefront of the nation’s sustainability agenda, KeTSA wants to keep industry players and potential investors informed of Malaysia’s efforts to achieve sustainable growth, and spread awareness about the various regulations and initiatives, and gain their buy-in for such initiatives.

Why The IBR Asia Group

Given our ability to expertly handle diverse and complex subject matters and present them in an engaging manner, coupled with over two decades of experience in working with Ministries and other government bodies, The IBR Asia Group was commissioned by KeTSA to help create positive publicity for its various initiatives and achievements.

What We Did and how we did it

Helped produce and publish the National Green Technology Master Plan 2009 for the Ministry of Land, Water and Green Technology (KeTTHA – now known as KeTSA)
Featured the then Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC – now known as KeTSA) YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin in a special feature in International Business Review where we highlighted the plans of the new Malaysian government after the seminal 2018 General Elections
Edited video of the interview with YB Puan Yeo which was later uploaded onto IBRTV, The IBR Asia Group’s official channel on Youtube, and which has accumulated nearly 4,000 views
Featured the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources – YB Datuk Shamsul Anuar Nasarah on the cover of International Business Review, together with 10-page comprehensive coverage on KeTSA’s 15 initiatives to drive sustainable development efforts
Positioned the Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia (SEDA) in a series of features and supplements in International Business Review, highlighting the implementation of the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) mechanism which was designed to advance RE generation in the country
Panel Session: Creating New Value with Old Assets
Roundtable Discussion: Maximising Value and Yield of State-Owned Assets


Through TenagaLink, The IBR Asia Group was able to:

Helped KeTSA showcase leadership in Malaysia’s efforts to achieve sustainable and green growth

Coverage in International Business Review has given KeTSA greater visibility amongst internal and external stakeholders in corporate and government Malaysia

Positioned SEDA as one of the leading organisations in the drive towards sustainability as well as help spread awareness about the FiT initiative to government agencies and businesses in Malaysia

Helped expand reach to top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia through coverage in International Business Review

Enhanced appreciation for Germany by showcasing its achievements and goodwill

Provided a platform for networking as the International Business Review ASEAN Awards was attended by prominent figures from corporations, Ministries, government agencies and embassies in Malaysia