Case Study

Landasan Lumayan


About The Client

An environmental company under the purview of the Selangor state government through Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI Selangor) Landasan Lumayan Sdn Bhd (LSSB) has been entrusted with executing the Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) initiative. This is a Selangor government plan to clean, rehabilitate and develop the Klang River, which is one of the major bodies of water in the State.


As the company in charge of the SMG project, LLSB wanted to shift perceptions of the Klang River, which had previously been massively polluted. It wanted to show that efforts to clean and rehabilitate the river and demonstrate the riverine area was prime for development.

Why The IBR Asia Group

LLSB commissioned The IBR Asia Group to deliver the message of its efforts and successes in executing the SMG initiative owing to our excellent track record of being able to communicate government messages to corporate players. In addition, our strong networks with local and international corporate and government entities lent weightage to our credentials.

What We Did and how we did it

Highlighted the efforts of LLSB and the SMG initiative in our proprietary business magazine International Business Review
Positioned LLSB CEO as a thought leader in sustainability and environment in the Selangor Synergies forum which aimed to highlight efforts to transform Selangor into a Smart State (insert hyperlink at Smart State)
Conducted interviews with stakeholders of the SMG project and produced videos of said interviews which were uploaded on our social media pages as well as on LLSB’s website.
Created electronic newsletters – containing videos and articles – that were disseminated via IBR’s proprietary CORETEXT electronic direct mail (EDM) system government, corporate and media recipients in Malaysia, the Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.
Handled enquiries about SMG, and – in cases where more detailed information is sought – redirect them to LLSB.
Panel Session: Creating New Value with Old Assets
Roundtable Discussion: Maximising Value and Yield of State-Owned Assets


Through the aforementioned projects, The IBR Asia Group was able to help LLSB:

Showcase the viability of the SMG initiative to 8,000 recipients in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East via CORETEXT

Provided a platform for potential business collaborations as the newsletters successfully garnered the interest of several individuals and companies in Malaysia

Helped attract and garner interest in the SMG project among the general public – our story on the River Taxi was picked up by online news portals such as Soya Cincau and the Malay Mail

Positioned LLSB and Selangor at the forefront of the Smart Selangor initiative, and as main drivers of the sustainability agenda in the State and nation

Helped expand reach to top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia through coverage in International Business Review

Enhanced appreciation for Germany by showcasing its achievements and goodwill

Provided a platform for networking as the International Business Review ASEAN Awards was attended by prominent figures from corporations, Ministries, government agencies and embassies in Malaysia