Al-Ikhsan Sports

AL Ikhsan

About The Client

As Malaysia’s leading sportswear retailer, Al-Ikhsan Sports has managed to grow from just one outlet to more than 180 across the country, with RM500 million in sales revenue per annum. Having already made its name in Malaysia, Al-Ikhsan Sports wanted to enhance its reputation in the regional arena.


And for that, it turned to The IBR Asia Group to come up with a strategic campaign to showcase how Al-Ikhsan Sports is a leader in the Southeast Asian sportswear and sporting goods retail sector.


Thought leadership positioning of Al-Ikhsan Sports’ CEO through conducting and producing a video interviews and securing placement of interview on digital TV channel.


Thought leadership positioning of Al-Ikhsan Sports’ key executives – Founder, CEO and key investor – through creation of strategic communications content.


Amplifying aforementioned messages of key executives through securing placement in pull-out supplement in international business publication.


Reputation building of Al-Ikhsan Sports through securing nomination, shortlisting and winning of international business award.

What We Did and how we did it

Created social media posts, which were posted on the official NICE social media pages, to encourage visitors to register for the event.
Managed the social media accounts for NICE including ensuring that all enquiries from the public are answered
Redesigned and revamped The NICE website to make it more interactive
Conducted interviews with the then Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation – YB Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau – to promote NICE and uploaded videos of those interviews on NICE social media pages
Covered the events during NICE and created social media posts to publicise them on the NICE social media accounts
Interviewed participants and delegates and used information from said interviews for social media posts which were published on NICE’s social media accounts
Videographed key happenings at NICE and used them to create social media posts which were published on NICE’s social media accounts
Panel Session: Creating New Value with Old Assets
Roundtable Discussion: Maximising Value and Yield of State-Owned Assets


As part of our overall campaign for Al-Ikhsan Sports, The IBR Asia Group managed to:

Enhance appreciation and goodwill for Al-Ikhsan Sports as an international-class sporting goods retailer.

Create awareness of Al-Ikhsan Sports’ activities thus driving interest from potential partners.

Helped expand reach to top Government, Corporate and Diplomatic decision-makers in Malaysia through coverage in International Business Review

Enhanced appreciation for Germany by showcasing its achievements and goodwill

Provided a platform for networking as the International Business Review ASEAN Awards was attended by prominent figures from corporations, Ministries, government agencies and embassies in Malaysia


Why The IBR Asia Group

The IBR Asia Group has accumulated a wealth of experience in organising curated events. We hold a great track-record for turnout in all our events by reaching out to the target audience and creating buzz about the event across multiple platforms. This made us the ideal partner to help deliver MOSTI’s aims.