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IBR Life Hacks bring a set of tools to senior management and any one who aspires to senior management roles. Coaching that gives you perspectives and tricks to hack life and become a game changer. Curated by professional trainers with over 80 years of combined experience from being senior management in GLCs and MNCs,  IBR Life Hacks promise to be an engaging, thought provoking and inspirational experience that makes a difference.

A Beautiful Presentation

Learn to present your thoughts , ideas and vision in ways that connect, is emotionally charged and leave a lasting legacy that continuously inspires. Be magnificent when you speak. Be remembered.

Becoming A Thought Leader

Don’t just be a leader, make a difference, set trends. Thought leaders are leaders of change. Put yourself on S.H.O.U.T . Put your ‘i” on the line. Ensure your thoughts go out through S.P.A.R. Become A Brand

CEOs That Create The Future

When you have a vision, make it so vivid that every single employee can see it, feel it and will then live it. Leave a lasting legacy of impression that will manifest itself in everything they do for the organisation, the way you want them to.

Embracing Conflict & Disruption As a Launchpad To Success

Conflicts are never really a bad thing. It is what makes us grow into spectacularly unique entities. Learn to see Conflict and Disruption for what it really is, harness it, and then wield it like your weapon.

An Enterpreneural Attitude

“Entrepreneurs are the strong horse that pull the cart” – Winston Churchill.
If every single employee in your organisation becomes a business owner, the organisation will be able to super speed goals and visions. Find out how to make every single employee Captains of their own ship.

Make The Media Love You (and your organisation)

The Media is a simple animal actually. It needs to be fed right and it will be your most obedient pet. Loyal to you always and position you in the best possible light. Learn how Media thinks, acts, responds by People from the Media

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