About IJN


To be a GLOBAL CENTRE of excellence in cardiovascular and thoracic care.


  • We are committed to serving and providing our patients’ need  first with safest and highest- quality care.
  • We are a corporate entity that is committed to provide excellent health service.

  • We will lead the way in research, development and training to develop cardiovascular and thoracic care capabilities.

  • We will be the best employer that continuously builds our  people to develop the organisation and vocation.

  • Our objective is to be financially self-sustaining.


Patients’ Statistics

From 2016 to 2020, patients referred to us from the Ministry of Health made up the majority of new inpatients, accounting for 3,698 out of 6,772 patients or 54.6%. Private patients, however, accounted for most new outpatients, comprising 26,896 out of 62,070 or 43.3%. All in all, IJN’s performance has been in line with our growth estimations.

TOTAL NUMBER OF OUTPATIENT Visits & INPATIENT Admissions 2016 - 2020