Orando Holdings

Datuk Dr Eng Wei Chun, Managing Director

“There is no secret to success in the property industry,” confides Datuk Eng. Starting his career in the construction industry as a quantity surveyor and contractor, Datuk Eng paid close attention to what customers wanted and what was in demand in the market. When he founded Orando Holdings in 2003, he put himself into his customers’ shoes to get a feel for the kind of features and quality that buyers were looking for in their homes. And he responded by building homes customised to their needs.

Datuk Eng views leadership and character as the determining factors that help companies define their business models, and that set one company apart from others in the same industry. This determination to stand apart from the competition has been recognised in the numerous industry awards that Orando has garnered over the past several years. These include the European Quality Award from the UK, the Five Star Best Residential High Rise Development Award and the Safe Home Award for its Vila Vista project under the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2014, the Sin Chew Business Excellence Award, The Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) for Best in CSR, and the Best Quality Leadership Award organised by the European Society for Quality Research(ESQR), Switzerland.

The same leadership and character that set Orando apart in business are also evident in the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)activities, which have provided overRM3 million in total donations. Datuk Eng believes strongly in a united Malaysia where citizens are proud to promote their country and its achievements. This passion is reflected in the company’s recent “Negara Ku ”video competition, where prizes totalingRM128,000 will be awarded for the best videos celebrating Malaysia’s 60thMerdeka Day, and in the award of a condominium valued at RM1.5 million to Datuk Lee Chong Wei to encourage young athletes to emulate his success in unifying Malaysia through accomplishments in sports.

Orando is committed to continuing to do what it has done best since Datuk Eng first started in the industry: delivering homes with the features, quality and value that customers desire, helping to ensure the properties it sells continue to appreciate in value over time and supporting charitable causes in the wider community.