Mutiara Teknologi

Puteri Mariana Abdul Majid, Mutiara Teknologi, Chief Executive Officer

A leading systems integrator, Mutiara Teknologi has helped enhanced the emergency services through its innovative solutions, and its efforts have ensured that people in Malaysia can be assured of greater efficiency and effectiveness from emergency responders. Already highly acclaimed as evidenced by its customers – comprising a who’s who of Malaysian government agencies and academic institutions – Mutiara Teknologi is looking to expand its reach and reputation. CEO Puteri Mariana Abdul Majid tells more to International Business Review.

Formed in 1999, Mutiara Teknologi’s big break came in 2007 when it was appointed by Telekom Malaysia to be the technical solutions provider for the Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS 999). This system consolidates all the various public emergency services in the country under one number. Not only did this mean the usual trio of police, fire department and hospital, but also maritime enforcement and civil defence.

Since then, Mutiara Teknologi has become a key player in providing ICT solutions for public safety services, with a number of patented applications. These include PEARL CARE©, which converts hardcopy data into digital format for easier retrieval by paramedics on an emergency call, and PEARL RESPONSE©, which collates and sends information such as address, type of incident and nearest hydrant to any related agencies.

Growing Reputation

Mutiara Teknologi’s reputation has no doubt been strengthened by its clientele list. These include the likes of the aforementioned Telekom Malaysia, the Royal Malaysian Police Force, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Putrajaya Holdings, and the Ministry of Education, to name a few. The fact that such important ministries, agencies, and GLCs had confidence in them has enhanced Mutiara Teknologi’s clout.

Adding to that are the numerous awards and accreditations it has received over the years. These include the “Masterclass CEO of the Year (Women)” and the “Excellence Award ICT” at the 2016 Selangor Excellence Business Awards, and the “Enterprise 50 (E50) Award” in 2017.

In terms of accreditations, it has been certified MS 90001: 2007 and MS 9001: 2015 compliant, and received four stars under the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) from SME Corp Malaysia. In April this year, Mutiara Teknologi also received MSC Malaysia’s status. It was a particularly satisfying moment for Puteri Mariana and her team as they went through the application process without any help from external consultants.

Venturing Abroad

The company’s renown has further been enhanced as it is a consistent participant in Asia Navigator – an annual conference organised by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), it is held in Kuala Lumpur and is attended by representatives of emergency services from Southeast Asia.

Owing to their presence in this event, Mutiara Teknologi has been able to reach out to other public safety services in the region. For instance, as Puteri Mariana revealed, the company has already formed a partnership in Indonesia, as well as presented to the police chiefs in the Philippines and Thailand. In addition, it has also engaged MATRADE to help facilitate the process.

Like any organisation worth its salt, Mutiara Teknologi knows that diversification is key to continued growth. Speaking on the company’s progress in this area, Puteri Mariana revealed that, “In 2015, we decided to invest in Cambodia, and we acquired CAM Towerlink. We have been given the licence to build, lease and operate telecommunications towers around the Angkor Wat area.”

Incidentally, Mutiara Teknologi was the only company to receive approval from the Cambodian government to erect telecommunications towers in the area. And, given the historic and cultural value of the site, UNESCO also had to give the green light. Six towers have since been built and another 12 are due to be erected.

The success of the Cambodian venture has enhanced Mutiara Teknologi’s position and reputation. After all, Angkor Wat is one of the most visited cultural attractions in the world, and in this age of digital communications, people are looking to stay connected no matter where they are.

And, as Puteri Mariana noted, the fact that it is a Malaysian company that helped make that happen should stir up a sense of national pride among Malaysians. And hopefully catch the eye of the new government as a demonstration of Mutiara Teknologi’s capabilities.

Keen to Contribute

That is why the Mutiara Teknologi CEO is optimistic about the New Malaysia under the new administration. For one thing, the company’s track record speaks for itself. As such, the government’s commitment to place capability and competency as the main criteria for awarding contracts, is good news for the company.

At the same time, the administration has also stated its intent to focus on developing local expertise. This is also something that Mutiara Teknologi has been focusing on, and it has built up an all-Malaysian team of highly trained staff. In this age of ICT, it is important for a country to have a readily available pool of subject matter experts, and Mutiara Teknologi is helping to provide that.

2019 will be 20th anniversary of Mutiara Teknologi’s founding, and having achieved much over the past two decades, it is hoping to not only continue but to accelerate its momentum. Already, it is looking at ways to expand its market and commercial activities, to strengthen existing applications and develop new ones. And in doing so contribute handsomely to The New Malaysia.