Pushing the Limits in ‘Dreams’

An Artist’s ‘muse’ in Motion Art

Muse, the Rolls Royce Art program sees no boundaries to the world of art as it showcases creativity at its finest with four artists displaying their masterpiece in the age of moving-image artwork as they explore the notion of ‘Dreams’. 

Artists Sondra Perry, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Martine Syms and Zhou Tao have been shortlisted for Muse, a platform with two biennial initiatives, the Dream Commission and the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge.

The Lense of Reality

A film and video maker, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s moves in tandem with her camera which she uses as a tool which reveals and fabricates reality. Her work stems from intensive research, observation, and documentation which delves deep into her desire for truth and the aesthetic concerns. Through works like the “eye of the cyclops, 2016” and “Matrulla, 2014” she sees creation through the lens of reality which sometimes unfolds into a double existence.

Eye Of The Cyclops, 2016
Matrulla, 2014
Intro to Threat Modelling, 2019

One with Many Talents 

Martine Syms uses video and performance to examine representations of blackness. A multitalented artiste who dabbles in publishing, video, installations and performance, Syms calls herself a “conceptual entrepreneur”. With works such as the “Intro to Threat Modelling, 2019” and the “Ugly Plymouths, 2020”, Syms shows why she is highly regarded among her peers.

Ugly Plymouths, 2020

Digitally Artful

An interdisciplinary artist who works with video, computer-based media, and performance Sondra Perry explores themes of race, identity, family history, and technology. Her works which include “It’s in the Game, 2018” and “Habitability, 2017” examine how images are produced digitally and artfully.

It’s in the Game, 2018
Habitability, 2017
North of the Mountain, 2019

Inspiration in Everyday Life

Based in Guangzhou, Zhou Tao is known for his mixed media exhibition of creating urban documentaries of intimacy though the prolonged act of looking. With his work primarily in performance and video, Tao mesmerises art enthusiasts as he incorporates elements of performance into his visual creations. Tao gathers his muse and narrative from his everyday life and the communities whom he interacts with. His work includes the “North of the Mountain, 2019” and “South Stone, 2010”.

South Stone, 2010

“Art means a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artwork)”. At least that is what Wikipedia says. Art forms have always been created to communicate important messages and to inspire people to act and think. Oil paintings, abstract art, performance art and even digital art are just some of the ways how an artiste conveys a message. Art has evolved from only being ‘static and ‘decorative’ to being ‘communicative’. So, open your mind and enjoy these pieces as these four artists translate the meaning of ‘dreams’ onto their masterpiece at Rolls-Royce Art Programme’s flagship Dream Commission which supports moving-image art by emerging and mid-career artists.