Global Perspectives

In the world today, there are certain statements, certain viewpoints, which have become popularly accepted to be “true”. But most of the time, what is “true” is only because of societal beliefs and pressures, reinforced by the mainstream media. And in the world today, those with alternative or heterodox views are often pilloried or “no-platformed” into silence.

At International Business Reviewwe believe that this should not be the case. We believe that in order for business and economies to run successfully, it requires for different viewpoints and even uncomfortable things to be heard and said. And that is why we are introducing Global Perspectives, a section where our readers write in to share their views on things affecting the world.

In this issue, Global Perspectives showcases Creedence Dengre, CEO of Shackfolio, who writes on how deeply misunderstood capitalism has become as socialism has infiltrated the financial and monetary systems.

Socialism Most Cruel 

By Creedence Dengre

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shackfolio

Capitalism has fast become one of the most hated words in the world. People say it has failed, become crony, or that it was a sham from the start. This unfortunate misunderstanding is no mistake, but it is absolutely incorrect.


It is not that capitalism has failed, it’s that we haven’t had capitalism for decades. No country has had capitalism since it has had a central bank. Capitalism was taken from us and replaced with an imposter. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. All the while capitalism was made the scapegoat of the unsustainable wealth divide created by socialism. Something which is mathematically impossible when you have actual capitalism. Unadulterated capitalism is immune to failure as the maths dictates that money must flow between hands and be constantly redistributed so that goods and services can be exchanged. If a rich person wishes to have a new pair of shoes, they must pay a cobbler. The rich person’s wealth decreases from this transaction, while the cobbler’s wealth increases. You cannot have such a wealth gap in a capitalist society as we see today.


Economics is both a science, and an art. It is a science for those who study the laws of mathematics, it is an art for those who wish to manipulate it. Free markets work on science, whilst socially engineered political systems are an art. The Austrian school of Economics follows the scientific approach to economics. The Keynesian or Modern-Monetary-Theory “MMT” school of socialism is an art, which serves only the painter. This is what is “Crony”.


The reason for today’s wealth divide is that socialism has infiltrated the top levels of our monetary and financial systems, causing a breakdown of the pillars of capitalism which protect working people from what ultimately amounts to theft. They tell us it is capitalism still, but that’s a trick. They wish to fool us into giving them more. It is socialism that takes away wealth, freedom, opportunity and equality from those at the bottom leaving a very few rich elites at the top and the masses impoverished. But hey, they wrote “cow” on the horse, so it must be a cow, right?


Fiat currency backed by nothing of value, inflation, interest, taxation, the rising cost of living. Things which affect the poor the most. These are all artefacts of socialism. Through this deception, the elites have fooled the people into begging to be poorer, whilst enriching themselves, and silencing the masses.


The people who suffer most from socialism embrace it the most because they are fed lies from those at the top, who are the sole beneficiaries of socialism. Because they give up personal responsibility, they too neglect the responsibility of educating and empowering themselves. It’s not their fault, it’s what they are taught. But it is certainly most cruel.