90 years of collective experience in writing stellar pieces from science to art to business to policies to people to everything that necessitates life on Earth. With structure, gravity, substance and a necessary dose of wit.

86 years of creating short movies that accentuate the storytelling through words, action and infographics, and 87 years of creating an incredible database

You want a team that cares? Who delivers? Who understands not any cookie cutter strategy but the concise strategy for YOUR journey? That's us.

We were content creators. We still are.

Platforms evolved. Our experience, credibility, style and ability to create positivity from negativity however, remained.

Everything starts with a good story. The evolution from a media house to becoming a PR company is the unique offering we bring to the table. Straddling the expertise of two worlds, we have an enviable fluidity that delves into all levels of communication – accelerating and amplifying our successes of personalised storytelling and branding.

This Boutique PR Company has what it takes to amplify the impact you create on your universe. We think out of the box, we see the world differently. And that is how we transform perspectives.

The electricity goes off. You sit in the dark waiting for help. When the light is back, you realise that there was a fuse box was right there next to you and had whatever it takes to bring light to you.

It is hard to see from within. There are many opportunties to make you visible, to amplify your presence, enhancing strategies that add on to not just your PR value but your sales and marketing value. We shine the torch on your fuse box.

Our purpose

To create a cohesion in branding, content and marketing strategies. Because the three cannot exist separately.


Our mission

To Amplify your Influence and Authority.

Our mission

To Amplify your Influence and Authority.




Integrity and respect


Energy, enthusiasm and courage


teamwork and inclusiveness

our approach

To understand you. Really, really understand you. Get under your skin, feel your psyche. Feel your pain and align ourselves with your desires.

Strategise a holistic content plan that jives with both marketing and branding strategies of the organisation. Strength, weaknesses, gaps, competitor analyses, market needs. We suss them all out.

The Devil is in The Details. Execution. Timing, Quality, Content Management , Style, Sophistication of Ideas, Reports, Meetings, Evolving The Game when needed. We become your best friend. You Never Walk Alone


We help spread your story across digital and traditional media by using a scientific approach.



We use our vast and diverse experience in publishing to create masterful brand stories.


We provide integrated services for curated event production, management, creatives and logistics.

ESG Advisory

Communicate your ESG consciousness through our exclusive partnership with the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB).

sweden ambasaddor

Join the Conversation

The Ambassador of Sweden, His Excellency, Mr Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, writes exclusively for International Business Review about sustainability in the Swedish business landscape.

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