“Think What Could We Do,
If We’d Only Begin,
With Some of the Things,
That Get under Our Skin”
Who We Are
First-Class Branding, Communications & Marketing Platforms

The IBR Asia Group has created superb branding and promotional campaigns for over 100 Malaysian and international companies, government offices and agencies and Heads of States since our inception in 1997 in Malaysia until present.

We have experience and expertise in branding, marketing and pioneering concepts, and sustaining a vision until its execution. We manage expectations, and we have a team capable of expertly and seamlessly working on diverse subject matters – from scientific to technical to lifestyle – because we are communication experts who know how to break down complex ideas, disseminate it to the layman, and tailor-make it to individual customer needs.

Our background in business and having International Business Review under our umbrella, gives us an edge in strategic understanding of businesses. We have the leverage to position your business’s perception to be visible in the right way to the right target audience.


Clarence Tan Genting IBR Asia Group Testimonial
Clarence Tan
The Genting Group
Vice President of Loyalty and Mass Marketing

We have worked with this company on branding us through our publications and they are a group of very dedicated and passionate people. They suggested a lot of ideas and concepts for us to choose from and it helped us to conceptualise what we wanted to show to our members. I would recommend them to anybody who wants to have a brilliant story to tell for their company.

Puan Motina Lasiman
Mutiara Technology
Corporate Communications

It did not feel like business working with The IBR Asia Group – it felt like an extended teamwork with one forward vision for success.

Puan Hanim Ghani
Malaysian Productivity Council
Senior Manager

It has been a great experience working with The IBR Asia Group as they are professional, hard working and show good teamwork. These are the main contributions to accomplishing any task of producing world class work for Malaysian Productivity Council.

Anita Pandian Greentech
Aneita Pandian
Head of Corporate Communications

Though a leading communications hub in Malaysia, I find the IBR Asia Group very personable in their interactions with clients. Kudos to them for their good work in offering a one step service centre of branding, publishing and digital marketing to the masses.

Tan Sri Rainer Althoff
Tan Sri Rainer Althoff
Siemens Malaysia
Former President & CEO

Those days it was very important to make the name of Siemens as a worldwide corporate name known to the ppl of Malaysia in various sectors. We most welcomed our partnership with IBR as well as their networking events to transfer our mission and vision and after awhile of working with them Siemens became a household name in Malaysia.

HE Saad Abdullah Saleh A. AL Asousi Kuwait Ambassador IBR Asia Group Testimonial
HE Saad Abdullah Saleh A. AL Asousi
Kuwait Embassy
Ambassador of Kuwait to Malaysia

In the Middle east, we need media like International Business Review to let us know what is going on in this region. We are keen to forge business relationships. Kuwait as a country is an export point to Iraq and Iran and we look forward to getting Malaysian businessmen to collaborate with us on this. We need this kind of networking.

Dato Zulkifli IBR Asia Group Testimonial
Dato' Dzulkifli Mahmud
Former CEO

IBR was a platform for us to outreach to more countries in ASEAN, to communicate our trade and business opportunities wherever Matrade has a presence.

Rita Sarbani IBR Asia Group Testimonial
Puan Hajjah Rita Sarbani
AUEI Teras Holdings Sdn Bhd
President & CEO

It’s great to be working with The IBR Asia Group to bring AUEI Teras to the next level.

Kamarul IBR Asia Group Testimonial
Kamarul Ariffin
Energy Commission
Director of Strategic Planning & Communications

It was such a great pleasure to work with The IBR Asia Group on selected projects for ST. IBR provided their highest commitment and proved professionalism for the services they rendered to us. The company brought along good expertise which translated into good deliverables.

Dr Faiz IBR Asia Group Testimonial
Prof Dr Mohd Faiz Abdullah
Minister of Economic Affairs

I am very impressed by The IBR Asia Group CEO, Dato’ Beatrice for organising this Selangor Synegies event with these very distinguished panellists. I have been giving many talks where they promise a lot but deliver very little. So I am very humbled to be in the presence of distinguished guests who are experts in their own field.

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