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International Business Review 152


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The Ministry of Human Resources
Strategies for 2024 and beyond
Efficiency – Transparency – Effectiveness

They are taking into account skills developments, occupational safety and health, trade unions, industrial relations, industrial court and maintaining the overall wellbeing of all working class heroes of Malaysia. Be it the sweaty boys in blue collars or the management roles and higher ups, MOHR is there to protect and assist us all to face the ever changing economic landscape of the world.
International Business Review spoke to The Minister, Deputy Minister, Deputy Secretary General of Operations, Deputy Secretary General of Policy & International and various Director Generals of the many departments within the Ministry on how our appointed custodians are steering the course of human resources under the Malaysia MADANI spirit. We aim to understand the strategies and policies by the Ministry in making Malaysia a thriving and successful country – serving both nation and people simultaneously. We are confident the nation is in the right track, based on the brilliant initiatives taken and the unwavering passion shown by the leaders in the Ministry.


Trash To Cash

Circular Economy is an extremely crucial part of managing a city’s ecosystem. It’s recycling and sustainability at its best where nothing is left to waste and better still, waste is converted to an element that can be used again and again.

KDEB Waste Management, the foremost waste management company in the country, understands this very well.

Leveraging on their expertise in waste management, their efficiency in top notch service to the rakyat, their exceptional success over the years in ensuring deliverables are impeccably executed, their experience in pioneering innovative technology in their already established field of waste management, KDEBWM now ups the game.

Aligning with the nation’s aspirations of being a champion of sustainability checking all SDG goals, encouraging elements of ESG in their operations and working towards UNGC’s net zero carbon emission goals, KDEBWM has accepted the government’s faith in them to build two waste-to-energy plants.

International Business Review tries to understand the challenges facing the set up of this new way of disposing trash, and we learnt how with this method we can finally convert trash to cash. Ahmad Rizal Mohd Daud, Senior General Manager of Corporate Services at KDEBWM gives us insights on this.


The Beautiful Game.

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the office of the KDEBWM’s Managing Director is the generous amount of football memorabilia that adorn his walls.

Signed and framed jerseys that line the corners. Proudly displayed trophies on the desks.

A custom-made office chair in the design of Argentina’s blue white stripes with the number 10 under the emblem. The number of the legends. The game maker. Dato’ Ramli Tahir is a number 10 too. A local legend, not just in the corporate world but in the Selangor football community.

“Last week in Kota Kinabalu during the Selangor EXCO’s Retreat, we had a football match between all EXCOs and Selangor stakeholders, and I scored the winning goal,” he begins enthusiastically. “I’ve been out of the game for the last year due to my knee surgery, but when Raja Muda asked me to play with him for the Selangor FC Corporate Partner Selection Team, I couldn’t say no.”

The beautiful game. It has many names. Whether on the green grass, street corner, or in the slums of the barrios (quarters), a ball is kicked among friends, transcending age, creed, faith, or loyalty. The unifying force is the undying love for the winning eleven.

The man with the controversial opinion of ranking Maradona above Pele recounts his journey from a humble muddy field to the successful corporate director who almost named his first son after his football idol (if not for the better judgment of his wife).

The Diplomat

New Frontiers: Senegal –
Pioneering Excellence In Cleanroom Solutions

“There can be no peace without understanding”.
A Senegalese proverb echoed by the Griot, storytellers and troubadour-historian on the western coastline of the ancient continent. A spirit of the Wolof people that was clearly present in The Embassy of the Republic of Senegal located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It may be the only branch in Southeast Asia but its ambition stretches all across the region.

His Excellency Abdoulaye Barro, the Ambassador of Senegal, took the time off from his busy schedule and sat down with International Business Review to give us an insight into his plans of greater diplomatic ties between his nation and our region.

Hidden Gems

In every organisation, there are the visionaries and drivers who work their magic in various industries and International Business Review has had the privilege of speaking with them and telling their stories.

However, there are those who stay behind the scenes but wield considerable power by being the nucleus of all the company’s necessary operations.

From positioning the senior management to ensuring the company receives positive reporting by various channels and engaging with the rakyat to let them know how the company has their best interests at heart… They are everywhere and work tirelessly for the company’s future and their bosses. These are whom we call the Hidden Gems.

For this edition, we introduce to you Ahmad Azri Zainal Nor, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communications, Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI).


Is Clean Energy Really Clean?

Let’s bust some famous myths. “Eating carrots gives you excellent vision.” No, it does not. “Mice love cheese.” No, they do not; ‘in fact cheese can be deadly to mice. “If you pluck out a grey hair, you will get more grey hair.” No, you won’t.

Here’s one more myth to bust. “Clean energy is good for the environment.”
That may be so on paper, since clean energy – by definition – is energy that comes from renewable resources which produce minimal to no carbon emissions. This means that, unlike fossil fuels, they have less of a negative impact on the environment. But how true is that? International Business Review explores more. 


FGV – A Year In Review

FROM wholesome fresh milk and farm-to-table produce to everyday cooking ingredients like cooking oil, margarine, and refined sugar, the mission to provide Malaysians with quality and affordable food products has never been stronger.


The Tree Of Knowledge

Discerning readers should find Mahfuzah Muhammad Tarmidi’s name familiar. The current Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications for KDEB Waste Management has been featured in our Hidden Gems section before – in fact, in its inaugural edition – where we gave a glimpse into the person who is an undeniable pillar of her organisation. Following her Master’s in Business Administration, she has embarked on the next leg – a Ph. D., and we caught up with her over coffee to understand why the pursuit of knowledge is a never-ending one, and how she manages her extremely busy schedule of career and family with studying over weekends.

People and Their Passions

Immense joy. Fulfillment. Admiration. Desire. Love. Conviction.

Everyone has that one thing that ignites these compelling emotions in them. An activity, a topic or purpose that fully engages them and takes them through an immersive journey throughout their lifetimes. That one thing that they are most passionate about in life.

Passion inspires the common man and woman to go above and beyond and in many instances, fuels them to live better lives and become the best versions of themselves.

In People & Their Passions, International Business Review features elite personalities like you’ve never seen them before as they share their hobbies, interests and biggest passions in life. Join us as we celebrate living life to the hilt with them.

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