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Revolutionizing people experience of brands from generic to personalized, across a multitude of platforms. The IBR Asia Group is a New Age PR Company that incorporates sales and marketing end-objectives in all our clients’ storytelling.

For the last 21 years The IBR Asia Group has been helping thought leaders in public and private sector enterprises tell their story using traditional media. The advent of digital media now accelerates and amplifies our successes of personalised storytelling and branding for the corporate and government sector.

Always one step ahead in branding, we now tap into a global audience through a mix of technology and strategy to create an omnipresent customer experience for you – the right customers at the right place, at the right time.

We humanise the stories of brands, companies and the visionaries behind them. Our spot-on, personalised storytelling expertise strengthened over 21 years of working with a diversity of clients, and our ability to traverse multiple universes of strategies, platforms and technologies fortified with affordable, fast service and lowest possible cost to achieve your brand objective, makes us a dream partner to work with.

Your company has a unique history unlike none other, a vision you want to immortalise into a legacy. You need to reach everybody – no stakeholder should be left behind in knowing you, feeling you and believing in your legacy.

The IBR Asia Group is designed to make that happen.

In this digital age, what you need is a creative and innovative PR Company that crafts coherent and masterful brand stories across all channels – traditional and digital. From print to digital, to events to interviews, from local to a global presence, we have what it takes to empower and amplify the impact you create to your universe.

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